Hemp Facial Oil Serum (100mg) 1oz


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Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin with our very own hemp topical line! This powerful hemp facial oil is formulated with only the best hemp oil extracts your skin will love.

Each 1oz bottle contains 100mg of our proprietary phytocannabinoid blend, derived from a full-spectrum hemp oil extract. We also use raw honey and essential oils of wild orange to create this power-house of a facial serum.

Directions for Use

A little goes a long way, so start by applying a small amount onto clean skin, massaging it in until satisfied. We recommend using our hemp face oil after a shower and/or before bed. People with dry skin may enjoy using this as a base under makeup.

We all want smooth, healthy skin. To help achieve this, we have a few quick recommendations.

First of all, make sure you always apply your Hemp Face Serum to clean skin using clean fingers (so wash your hands!). This is a good rule to follow anytime you’re applying something to your face, including lotions and makeup. So if you tend to touch your face throughout the day, try to avoid that unless you’ve just washed.

Second, know what you’re putting on your face. There are many great products out there, but using all of them at once in hopes of fast results may not be the safe way to go! Try limiting your skincare products. The Made By Hemp skincare line uses similar ingredients in all products, so go ahead and mix-and-match. If your skin is especially sensitive, a great practice is to start by applying a small amount to your skin — in one area. Then check the next day to make sure it settled well with your skin. We haven’t heard of any irritation caused by our topicals, but this is a great general rule!

Finally, let us know how this product works for you. In exchange for your feedback, reach out to us to get a free hemp lip balm with your next order.


Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract (Aerial Plant Parts), Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Raw Honey, Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Butter, Essential Oil of Wild Orange

For topical use only.