High Voltage Permanent 5-Day Flush


  • 5-Day Toxin Cleanse
  • Takes Action in 30 Mins
  • Liquid and Capsules
  • Nutrient-Rich


The High Voltage Permanent 5-Day Flush is 5-day liquid and capsule cleanse that helps clear unwanted toxins from your system. Featuring 32 ounces of liquid detox and 30 Fast Flush capsules, this toxin cleanse kit is nutrient-rich with B-Vitamins, creatine, and 16 herb extracts. Take a dose of High Voltage Liquid Detox and double down with fast-acting capsules to ensure a cleaner urinary tract. High Voltage recommends a 12 to 24 hour pre-cleanse period in which plenty of water is consumed for maximum results. High Voltage Permanent 5-Day Flush takes just 30 minutes to get to work cleaning out toxins.

  • 1 x High Voltage Permanent 5-Day Flush


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